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    Uhgggg… although the Mac OS X operating system looks to be a great thing how long before everyone is on this? Please Please Please I beg all Mac users to make the switch… LoL Ok This is as much as I know about the java applet and the Mac:


    On Mac OS9, IE does not work in a sense that the user needs to modify its security level to low. Under OS9, we recommend you using Netscape 4.x browser. On OS X, both Netscape and IE works.


    In order for the applet to work on OS 9.2.2….

    Here’s what you have to do for IE version 5.1.3.

    IE Prefs: Java: Java options all checked on.

    IE Prefs: Java: Security Options: Byte-Code Verification:(select) Check all code. Network Access:(select) Unrestricted Access. Make sure that you check on Restrict access to non-java class files


    Clickable Smiley and other javascript features not working: This is the infamous javascript applet problem in mac platform. All mac browsers do not support javascript to applet communication, so liveconnect does not work when using a mac.


    Here is a user’s personal comments about the Mac and OS X:

    It does connect without a hitch on OS X. But again the smileys do not work like the PC. Then again… everything is quickly moving to OS X. By next year or two. All will be on OS X!!!


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