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ChattersOnline.com offers members the ability to create, customize and place a free java chat room on their websites. No special software or web hosting requirements are needed. Members can create javachat code using our code generator in a standards compliant browser such as Mozilla Firebird, Opera and dated but not out-dated (yet) Internet Explorer. For Apple owners Safari is recommended. Once the chat code has been created it can be copied and pasted to your web page for imediate use. It's just that simple! The chat rooms have many features such as graphical smilies, colorful text, playing sounds, audible entry notices, private person to person chatting and much more! Our chat rooms are a great solution to providing a meeting place for friends, family, clubs, clans and everyone else needing a private chat room. Your website visitors will be able to chat with you and each other in real time!

Reasons to sign up are:

  • You get a profile section with information you control.
  • You can send and recieve private messages to others members that frequent us.
  • You will have more access to other information and content not available to guests.
  • You won't have to see this welcome message every time you visit.
  • It's FREE!

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