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    Hi all

    I can’t seem to add OPs to my room either by clicking “+O” or by using the /nickserv oand /chanserv options. The room is registered, and I get my “@” status automatically and everyone else seems to be normal chatters, so that part is OK, but I would like to add one more permanent operator (as in automatically identified) at logging in to the chat room.

    As soon as I change another user to an operator using the “+O” icon, a “from chanserv” msg appears changing them back (de-opping) them.

    Say the user is tammypex, and I try to register the nick, I get an error saying that the user “pexdude” is already registered, but I am trying to register “tammypex”.

    I am typing “/nickserv register tammypex [password]”

    I am totally confused

    How do I make it so “tammypex” can be recognised as an operator at logon.

    Channel name is #PEX, and the URL is [url=http://www.pexcom.com.au]here[/url]

    Just this one little glitch for me, but fantastic job anyway. The chat is cool.





    I figured it out myself in the end.



    You set the security on why you can’t give people @. That’s a good option if you have other people with @ that they can’t make their friends @ for fun. You need to give somebody @ status via nickserv.

    Search in the F.A.Q. how to do this, if you didn’t already…

    /chanserv AOP #channel add nickname level (1-10)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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