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    I copyed and pasted my code and made sure it wasnt set for pop-up(style) but the little diolog box with the User Name, Password(optinal) thing wont appear!?


    Hi Dragon :), I’m not sure what is wrong, but most of the time it’s the code, something in the Html code is wrong or is in the wrong place on the page! I had that problem once 😉 Check that out and see iff it still isn’t working give me the link to the website and i will check it out for you 🙂


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    it is the code but i cant find out what i did wron am i supposed to put it in the head section of my page? The link to the problem is http://www.angelfire.com/d20/video_games/Chat/ChatRoom.html

    Could it possibly be the version of ie i have?

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    The problem is that you have 2 errors. (I do plan on making the scripts check for these and fix automaticly in the future)

    Your room’s name is “House of Link” and needs to be changed to “House_of_Link”. Spaces need to be replaced with _ underscores.

    The room’s title is “Link’s Hide Out” and needs to be changed to “Link\’s Hide Out”. The appostrophe (single quote) is breaking the javascript and needs to be escaped with a backslash \ to work.

    Hope that helps.

    I put your chat code into a test page and fixed those two things and it loaded just fine.

    Good luck

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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