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    LEVELS channel SET type level

    LEVELS channel (DIS | DISABLE) type

    LEVELS channel LIST

    LEVELS channel RESET

    The LEVELS command allows fine control over the meaning of the numeric access levels used for channels. With this command, you can define the access level required for most of ChanServ’s functions. (The SET FOUNDER and SET PASSWORD commands, as well as this command, are always restricted to the channel founder.)

    LEVELS SET allows the access level for a function or group of functions to be changed. LEVELS DISABLE (or DIS for short) disables an automatic feature or disallows access to a function by anyone other than the channel founder.

    LEVELS LIST shows the current levels for each function or group of functions. LEVELS RESET resets the levels to the default levels of a newly-created channel (see HELP ACCESS LEVELS).

    For a list of the features and functions whose levels can be

    set, see HELP LEVELS DESC.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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