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    I am registered and identified, yet when I try to register the room it says I need to be a channel operator to register the channel. I tried becoming a channel operator by typing that operator thing but nothing would happen when i did that. Also, I tried typing [image]url[/image] but thats exactly what it showed (except with the URL there instead of “URL”) Would be cool if you could exactly send pics in there. And can you send sound and things? And I am also wondering what this forum was made with……..it’s extremely nice. Cool layout. Sry for all the questions.

    usa the big apple

    Hi, Hockey..I’m trying 2 understand this chatsite my self.

    But we will get help!! Did u read the “FAQ”?

    You r my frist chatmail..lol

    Take Care, Lovumax


    I try to register my name and it says i’m already registered, I identify it, it says Password accepted you are now recognized. Then I try to register the channel and it says “You have to be a channel operator to register a channel. So then I try to use /cs op but it says “channel not registered.” And there isn’t a “@” next to my name anymore. Wait can you only be operator of ONE room????


    All i need to know is can you put images from an URL and or sound in the chatroom. And, how do I make the main room a different room. Because now the main room is something i dont want it to be called and its not registered and another one is but it always goes to the other one first. *rage*


    Hi there,

    Finally I’m here to help you.. I was to busy with my army medic trainig past days

    Um… You can’t use images in rooms..except the smiles. Also you can’t use video/audio thing. Dave is busy making this, but when it will be released, it will be paid version.

    Further.. Can you give me the site url or roomname of your chatroom?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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