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    Ok, I setup my chatroom, but noticed that when I signed in, I was immediately given admin ability.. I did this without entering my password at the login screen, and from my experience I am sure you need to either type in your password before being connected, or by typing “/nickserv IDENTIFY <password>” whilst in the chatroom, replacing <password> with the password you have registered…

    So I tried using a different name (the default ‘Guest’ login) and I was immediately bumped up to admin….

    I need to alter this so that no random people just walk in and get admin functions….

    How can I do this? Did I do something wrong?



    Did you register the room? If your room is not registered yet, the firt person to usaually come in gets OPed automatically!

    Register your room but make sure you identify first.

    /identify password

    /chanserv register #channel password description

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    Also chatrooms which aren’t used for 30 days become unregistered…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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