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    There was a time I thought advertising would pay for all of this. Well that time passed and many of the advertising middle men passed with it. (now and as always it’s just out of pocket for me)

    I’m cleaning out old email, have about 26 megs archived. LoL yeah I know I should have been doing this more often. Anyhow, here’s an email from Adflight.com when they were in business… (they don’t appear to be now)


    Thank you for your email inquiry concerning activation of your account. Unfortuanately we will not be able to activate your site due to excessive inventory in the particular category of your site. There is no need to re-register with AdFlight since we already have an account of yours in our database with all of your contact information. Thank you for taking interest in Adflight and for the time you have taken. For any further questions or concerns, please advise.

    Best Regards,

    Lee Simpson

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    AdFlight Inc.

    I’m still here and they are not. Says a lot I think.

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