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    First posting so please bear with me. Am new to all this chatroom stuff. Got the room set kinda the way I ant but I would like to create 3 custom levels and am having no luck in doing so.

    First level would be general user but would include voice ability.

    Second level I may leave as a level 5 (aka admin)

    Third level would be a super admin (one or 2 backup people for the founder) can create more admin and do bot changes and all.

    So far I have not figured out how to change any levels at all. I use the changeserv dropdown and the add access add and it tell me use aop or vop. So I used aop and got my general admins added. Seems to default to level 5 but how do you change it. And how do i make like a level 7 that can do all a founder can. Also as i said above I want the default even unregestered uses to have voice privs. Toying with the idea of also redefining level 5 but canot even display wjat level 5 grants in way of abilities. I know this post goes on forever so i apologize in advance.



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    I think Misty has had more dealings with this problem. There is a way to turn off the aop/vop setting and allow only the access levels and commands to have more control over them.


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    Um..yeah, I can help you. *errrm* I think

    What is your room name? I’ll try and check you sometime in chat.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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