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The box that states username and password and the little click here button do not work.

That’s the problem with Freewebs, everybody who use freewebs can not use the ChattersOnline loginbox for some reason.. Search another host for that


A quick refresh of what I have done was I registerd my name as TS1 and putin my password. and that was as far as i got…When I tried to register my channel it stated * ChanServ– Syntax: REGISTER channel password discription

ChanServ– /msg ChanServ HELP REGISTER for more information*

and after that I was just about stuck.

That’s why I always say “Read the other posts on the forum, read the helpguide, that costs us a lot less work!” If you did that, you would have seen the problem. And if you didn’t dit that, and just read the chatbox warning you did get, you would see the command to register your channel:

/REGISTER #channel password discription

Good luck