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It’s very nice of you to help, but only help when you are sure you are giving the right information to a client.



a. Have them delete their cookies and temporary internet

files, reboot their computer, and then try getting in


b. Have them un-install their Java software and re-

install the latest Java software from http://www.java.com

c. Have them upgrade their internet software (Ex: To

Internet Explorer 6.0)

See if those trouble shooting tips help.

Is all (a,b,c) not needed. a = only needed when you didn’t accept the trust popup.

b = you only have to install the new version, it automatically updates. So first removing isn’t needed

c = Internet explorer doens’t have to be upgraded


3. Securing the moderator means that you or someone you

authorize can take control of the room, giving them the

ability to change the topic, voice or devoice people,

and kick or kick ban people.

That was a misunderstanding from you. See my explaining above about what securing a moderator is.