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Hi there!

Nice you found out everything and you like our service!

We appreciate that very much.

I am now gonna try answer your questions


Why register…any advantages?

Who am I registering with…where are ‘they’…what are they?

Since you only use your box for family chatting, you don’t have to need to register it. Register it will make the room under your control. So only the #roomname is yours, hosted on our IRC Server. Registered under your nick and email. So you can kick people out and you can change the topic etc.. It’s nice for people who have strangers so they can have the room staying nice!


Does registering make my chatroom more likely to be found or does it make no difference (since it seems lists are now longer available)?

It does not make any difference. Just like I said above. It is only nice because it’s under your control. But when nobody know’s your room, you don’t have to register it at all


What are ‘paid for’ chatrooms (apart from the obvious!) & how do they differ…any major advantages for me?

I don’t know much about the paid version since dave is busy doing upgrades on it. You can have much more options possible. If you see the ‘suggestion board’ you will see a lot of possible things you can add to your box. Just in talk with Dave and he will make your room more advanced. More options like invisible mode, audio option, no limit at operators etc.. As I said, read the suggestion board for any idea what I mean


Anything else (on registration generally) you think I should know…that I’m not asking because I don’t know!!??

No we don’t If you read all possible help topics and you still have questions we are free to help you


Sorry this is so long but I would’ve thought there surely must be many new chatters that might want these questions answered…although the evidence suggests I may be wrong!

It doesn’t is annoying at all! It’s good you ask, we are there for! And I am also sure there are a lot of people who want these questions been answered

I hope I helped you enough, if there are any further questions I love to hear them