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no i didnt receive your PMs i wasnt there when you were.

That isn’t the problem. You have to receive it when you log in. Try to do /memoserv read new

If you don’t have any. Your own settings are wrong why you don’t receive PM’s. Like you set a limit or something or you turned receiving PM’s off.


you didnt see the clone becuz i wasnt there it only shows up if the founder is in the chatroom and yes i have seen the clone so its not a joke.

It sounds really weird there is a clone when you are in there. Don’t you have a bot called you? Or do you disconnect? Cause then there can be a ghost of you like there was said before.


and the PMs dont work if you try and PM the founder.

I PM-ed to Sesshomaru. Do I need to PM Paul?


like i said why is being the founder messing everything up?

and like i say you dont understand what im saying I NEED TO SHOW YOU!

For so far I know ChattersOnline works fine. So every problem has to be there because of the people themselves. If you want to show me please give me a Screenshot.