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The room’s name is “The_Southernmost_Chatroom”. The title at the top of the room when you enter is the the name of the website it is linked to, “It’s_Only_Key_West.”

According to the instructions in the FAQs:

“To register your room using the “basic” room type:

/chanserv register YourPassword RoomDescription

That is where the problem comes up. At that point, the room name has not even been asked for according to the posted instructions.


I found another post that gave conflicting info on how to register a room by using the command

/chanserv register #RoomName YourPassword RoomDescription

I did that and now have a registered room.

Now that I have been able to do that, it brings up additional questions:

1) Will I always be an op when I log in even if someone else opened the room that day

2) Can I take “full control of the room” AND make it private without requiring me to list all the authorized chatters? In other words, can I make it so that anyone can chat as long as they enter through my website without having it listed here and have people from here entering? Not trying to be a snob, but am trying to limit bandwidth usage……costs $$$$ you know.

3) Is there a list of commands any place that lists them all without having to go through the “help” commands individually?

4) As an op, can I now /kick?

5) Can the chat window be made bigger?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is new to me. I just “inherited” my website due to the death of the original owner and have had to learn HTML within the last month. This is a whole new ballgame. I have been an op in other chatrooms and on a couple of bulletin boards, but the help screens here are pretty massive.

Thanks for your patience. Once I get the full hang of things, I will try to come back here and help answer questions that others may have if you so desire.