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    I am new to this and trying to register a room which is linked from my website (well, it will be as soon as I fix the URL…don’t want it accessed until I understand how it works) Anyway, I have registered my nick, have logged in as an op, but when I try to register, it tells me I have to have channel op status to register. What am I doing wrong?

    Also, once I get it up and running, I assume that anyone who opens the room will have op status automatically. If I then show up, will I automatically be given op status? Is there a way to keep op status from being granted if someone is the first one in the room?

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    You have registered your name in the room? You have registered the room? If so, when you join the room then type /oper nickname password and you should be an op!

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    I’ve registered the nick, but it won’t let me register the room. It says I have to be an op to do that. In reading the forum here, I read where if you have a “@” before your name, you are an op. Since I am the only one there, I assumed I was an op…I’ll go try again.

    OK, I tried again. It accepts my password and says that I have a registered nick. There is an “@” sign in front of my name, but when I try to register the room, it says I have to be a channel operator to register a room.

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    Hi Captain,

    Could you please post the name of the room your trying to register. If you are in that room and have been given @’s because it’s an unregistered room it should work. If someone has already registered this room then you wouldn’t have been given @’s on entry. Possibly you may be typing the room’s name incorrectly and therefore chanserv is saying you need @’s in that room first? Just a thought.

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    The room’s name is “The_Southernmost_Chatroom”. The title at the top of the room when you enter is the the name of the website it is linked to, “It’s_Only_Key_West.”

    According to the instructions in the FAQs:

    “To register your room using the “basic” room type:

    /chanserv register YourPassword RoomDescription

    That is where the problem comes up. At that point, the room name has not even been asked for according to the posted instructions.


    I found another post that gave conflicting info on how to register a room by using the command

    /chanserv register #RoomName YourPassword RoomDescription

    I did that and now have a registered room.

    Now that I have been able to do that, it brings up additional questions:

    1) Will I always be an op when I log in even if someone else opened the room that day

    2) Can I take “full control of the room” AND make it private without requiring me to list all the authorized chatters? In other words, can I make it so that anyone can chat as long as they enter through my website without having it listed here and have people from here entering? Not trying to be a snob, but am trying to limit bandwidth usage……costs $$$$ you know.

    3) Is there a list of commands any place that lists them all without having to go through the “help” commands individually?

    4) As an op, can I now /kick?

    5) Can the chat window be made bigger?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is new to me. I just “inherited” my website due to the death of the original owner and have had to learn HTML within the last month. This is a whole new ballgame. I have been an op in other chatrooms and on a couple of bulletin boards, but the help screens here are pretty massive.

    Thanks for your patience. Once I get the full hang of things, I will try to come back here and help answer questions that others may have if you so desire.

    Scandinavia, WI

    Ouch.. sorry to hear about the previous owner. My condolences.

    Thanks for making me aware of the conflicting information. I’ll make the corrections soon.

    1. Even if someone else opens the room they will not be granted @’s unless they have been added to the room’s access or AOP list.

    2. As a room owner you do have full control over it’s settings. Related post: How do I get full control of my room?

    3. For a list of ChanServ, NickServ, BotServ and MemoServ commands you can query each service while in chat and then type ‘help’ in the private message window for a full list of available commands.

    Example commands:

    Type: /query ChanServ

    In the private message window with ChanServ type: help

    4. As the room’s owner you’ll be able to /kick users. Room operators are also allowed to use this command as well. At this point you are the only one allowed to do so.

    5. Yes but not for a week or so. I have the new code generator working on my local server but still have a few things to finish up. Users will be able to select their desired chat window size before they enter.

    I know that the for most of the users here IRC is very new as far as chatting goes. But, when you compare the options that users have as far as being able to connect to the room I think it is much better. At some point I hope to have a number of articles here covering chat features and different aspects of chat from around the net. But, as I always seem to realize time and time again, there’s only 24 hours in my 36 hour days. LoL

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    re’ #2-According to the referenced post, the only way to take control is to only allow registered and approved chatters. Is there a way to do so and make the room private and still allow everyone who enters thru the website to chat without making them register? Trying to use the KISS principle here.

    re’ #3 I understand that I can get all the commands by using the help screens, but they are extremely long. In the event that one would need a quick reference to a command, would it be possible to list them all in an FAQ so they could be easily printed or more quickly referenced? Also, I am still looking for a post or an FAQ as to what all the little icons to the right of the chat window mean.

    Sorry to be so longwinded here, but when I take on something like this, I want to know as much about it as I can.


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