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Scandinavia, WI

Would it be possible to get the URL to your chat room entrance so I could check the code over?

If it’s working for some and not others then it’s usually a problem related to their own computer and it’s setup.

Are they behind a firewall?

What Operating system and Version are they using?

What browser and version are they using?

Are they using a java plugin from Sun Microsystems or perhaps Microsoft’s default version?

As Misty stated, did they accept the digital certificate when they first ran the applet or did they say no?

Are they using a proxy server to connect to the internet?

Do they have javascript enabled in their browser? Does their browser support javascript?

Are they using some sort of “personal privacy” or “ad blocking” software that keeps popup windows from opening?

Do they have their browsers privacy settings at the default levels?

These are some of the basic questions that I need more information on before I can try guessing what may be wrong. Please get this information from the users having problems and post it here. This will help me a lot.


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