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Hello there, Here are your answers


1. I set up my chat room with a particular colour scheme and when I visited it, it was in the default colours. a) can I change it?

Yes, you can


b)how can I change it?

In your code you see

<input type="hidden" name="bgcolor" value="#7AC8FA">

<input type="hidden" name="pagecolor" value="#969696">

<input type="hidden" name="titlecolor" value="#00FF00">

<input type="hidden" name="bordercolor" value="#646464">

Everwhere you see the # mark, you have to replace that code what you want there. Example: you have #06EFFF then you make it: #000066


2. If 10 is really the maximum limit in the chatroom what do I have to do to get more?

Get the paid-version.


3. Why and where do we register chatrooms?

In the chatroom itselfs. Look at the F.A.Q. There you see all the information you need to setup and run your chatroom.


4. Can others from my website use the chatroom without me?

How do you mean? If they can chat without you logged in to it? Orr..? If it is this you mean, yes they can see it without you logged in.


5. Am I automatically the moderator of my chatroom? If not how can I be?

Yes, the first person logged in (in this case, you) has the @ mark beside it’s name. You need this to register your chatroom.


6. I set the option for chat room to appear as a pop-up and it does not. How do I rectify this?

What’s the problem? Does it load into the same browser window or not at all? In first case, you did not set it as popup, in second case, look if you have a popupkiller!

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