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well, i fixed the problem in frontpage. copy and pasting in there works. i first tried it in in dreamweaver, but when i copy the codes, it wouldn’t allow me to paste it as html. the “paste as html” is grayed out. it’s weird. so i then went to frontpage and the copy paste works just fine. thanks for helping me solve the problem dave.

this is the url again http://s87004850.onlinehome.us/chat.html

why won’t it let me connect when i hit chat now? there’s some error on the page. i’m kinda confused on how a chat room is created. those codes that i put in don’t have any reference to my chattersonline account or anything. doesn’t the chat room require a server that has specific info on the specific chat room? or is it that anyone who goes into the chat room from my site will go into a specific room. errr, i don’t even know if what i’m saying makes sense.