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See, I just made my chat board and added it to my web0site, but it’s not working. The first time I got into it it looked like it would, but it didn’t. But then it worked later when I got into it a different way.

What different way? Did you changed anything about the code? And where did you put it?


When I posted the link onto my site, however, it stopped working.

Basically, what happens when I try to get in it is that the area for posting goes lavender and there is no room to post. The strange thing is the options are loaded, but the main chat part isn’t.

I think your site/forum isn’t very happy with the code. OR you just entered/put it wrong. OR your site does not accept this sort of codes.

Can you give me a URL? So It’s a bit more clear for me?

And I mean of the site where you try to put the code on.


I saw you made your chatroom restriced. Is that the problem, that you can’t come in? No, if you make it restricted, only @’s can come in. You have to make it -R (unrestricted) You have to come in identified and then you can change the thing