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Hello Didi,

I’m gonna try to answer your questions


We have just started using the chatroom which is part of an expat website. Can someone please tell us how to create 3 permanent moderators…ie three people who have automatic operator status when they log into chat. If possible we would like them to be mod1,mod2 and mod3.

Have you read the board, before you posted? Cause there are a lot of topics about this. And there is a help topic like this in the “Chanserv” board.

Look at this:


It tells you everything about how to create a aop. (That means, someone who gets automatically a @ with identifying.


Would it also be possible for the mods to be in the chatroom under their usual website nics at the same time as being either mod1,mod2,mod3.

Of course, a mod HAS his own nick. He/she has only to register it. When they get a “aop” status, they can get an @ next their names.


This way they would be able to participate in the chat but have anonymous moderator status.

It’s not possible to give someone an @ without registering their nicknames. They have to block all the information from the whoislogs to be a little bit anonymous. But I think everybody who chats is anonymous, at least they tell everything about theirselfs?


On our expat website people have to register a username and use a password to participate. Is it possible for this to be extended to the chatroom? ie only people who are registered on our website can access the chatroom using the registered usernames and password.

Yes, this is possible. You have to place the chatroom on a ‘members only’ page. Or area. So only people with an account can log in to that page

-Hope to helped you enough

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