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I never said, nor did I imply that you were DUMB.

No and I don’t mean it like that way.. It was just a joke..why do you take that thing so serious?


I explained that this was my first time creating a chat room, and was only looking for some help. You’ve been a member in here since, ’01. I just registered, which signifies that I am a newbie.

I sure know your a newbie! that’s why I’m trying to help you


My message board is a very FRIENDLY PRIVATE one. I don’t think my members would want YOU to even look at it. I find you extremely rude.

Thanks for your negative while I’m only trying to help you. I wasn’t on to post on your bord I only wanted to look what you did wrong so I can help you, since your posts aren’t clear enough for me.


MY question was a simple one. It was a YES or NO answer. I don’t see where your going to my board, would help to solve the problem.

You say if you click on Chat you get a long code instead of a chatbox.. Thats a problem I guess?

{As it stands right now, in my Bulletin Board/Message Board, I have a Forum Title that says, “Chat Link” but it shows up as the looooooooong link that my members have to click on. TO ME, that’s just NOT very ATTRACTIVE.}



Have a nice day too , if you don’t want any help I don’t see why you post here, so succes with figure it out yourself