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Hop sets users as “half op” and they will have more power than a standard user of the room but less than a regular operator of the room.

Halfop are “half op” users as stated above.

Xop is the stystem that assigns users to Hop (half op), Aop (auto op) and Vop (voice op).

Users assigned to Vop will recieve the mode +v (voice) when they enter the room provided they have identified. This is signified by the + character next to their nickname. This is NOT an audio feature but an IRC mode that is normally used on moderated rooms. (moded +m)

Aop users will be granted automatic operator status signified by the @ character. They need to be identified with nickserv and on the room’s Aop list.

Hop users will be granted half operator status signified by the % character and need the same requirements as above.

I believe I have these stated correctly but I’d have to look over the help information to make sure. (there may be a few errors in my information above)

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