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You should mode your room to +s (secret) so that my IRC operators know that they should not enter unless invited. As it stands *only* IRC operators can see the room list on the network. All other users are only aware of the room they are currently in.

I have told all IRC operators time and time again not to enter rooms moded +s unless specificly asked to do so by someone from the room. I have not had this rule broken as of yet. I would understand it happening accidently as I myself forget to check room modes before entering now and then but if this were to happen repeatedly I would take action to correct it.

I understand that the majority of users are not familiar with IRC and are intimidated by the unknown. I thought I explained the aspects of user’s host addresses in the email I sent. If not let me know and I’ll work on writing an essay on host addresses, dynamic and static IP’s, resolving DNS and proxy servers and all other things related to host addresses, their use and purpose. Not that I have that kind of time to invest in such a document but I’ll work on it as much as possible.

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