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Scandinavia, WI

The “IRC Operators” include myself and others that I trust. (8 of us total)

How do you mean restricted? Do you mean do they share your IP address with others? No, they do not. If there is talk of an IP address it’s between us for server management.

The masking of the IP addresses depends on server version but without looking I believe we are currently only masking ISP port numbers. This provides privacy but still allows for room owners to ban users from their rooms.

Some major changes will be coming soon as far as chanserv/nickserv/memoserv/botserv. I still have not decided on anything 100% but I need to make such services more managable for myself and other operators. What I need is to have such services using a MySQL backend instead of the flat file database they currently use.

If I get some time after Christmass I’ll look into putting such information into a PDF file or perhaps some sort of dedicated web based FAQ management setup with it’s own database so it can be searched. Any ideas that you think would help are welcomed for suggestion.

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