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    26,18,9.7 Degrees, north east From Giza

    Hope you like the bike as much as me.

    Brought the bike back in 1997, after the third week I hacked The back end off.

    And that’s as far as it stayed for at least Five and a haft years.

    Then I got a hold of a garage so I got back in to it. Some six months later and a

    lot of time & money spent she is now getting close to Completion.

    The bike weighed in at a hefty 228kg Factory, after a lot of surgery

    she is now down to a reasonable 165kg aprox and still falling. but the cost

    keeps climing. worth every Penney though . The rear end seat unit is to be replaced

    with a motor cross style, exhaust along Side seat unit. Wavy disk’s To follow.

    Forks will be extended around 4 to 6 inches longer. Ally Petrol tank,

    Carbon wheels, Titanium bolts. Are some of the things left on the list to do.

    Carbs’s have been replaced with some Mik,s.36mm from 40mm.

    To help get the air speed back up, Due to lose of ram-air.

    Bell-mouth instead of filters

    Exhaust is a straight through micron race with a shortened tailpipe to get the

    Back pressure up again. but not too much. very loud, A quick action

    throttle grip off a crosser makes it respond and sound just like a F1 racing car

    ( Believe me).

    Battery will be on front of bike where head light lived. (No lights) Small horn, and

    a light weight switch for starter button, a minimum number of wires to make

    the bike run, and charge battery only, Even black box.” IC ” Has had plastic Case

    removed to save weight. watch size Speedo on bar’s, No other clock’s gauge’s

    ect on bike. Jubilee clips are replaced with nylon ties on none stressed areas only,

    rear master cylinder is only a 1/2 an inch by 2 lenth rubber hose with a plug

    in the top. Around 1/2 oz. in wight. the list goes on , But you can keep finding

    things if you look hard and long enough, “And take a lot of risks ”

    Will have small rad under seat, no oil cooler.

    Scandinavia, WI

    Good grief nigel! You are very much into bikes, no doubt.

    I had to disable the [image] tag here because of someone posting inappropriate material but you may want to give a link any pictures you have of your bike for us to see.

    Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...
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