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    First off let me tell you about a wounderfull program called “AdMuncher” from http://www.admuncher.com. What it does is remove quite a number of banners and advertisments before your browser can display them. I seen their URL in my web logs and wondered why they would have a link here. Well they didn’t. The handy little admuncher program can also mask the referer information.

    Ok, my site, even though it makes me no money, uses banner exchanges to help promote it. Perhaps someday advertising will help pay for and provide the “free” chat that I offer. More than likely I will end up a totally subscription based service though. Now that I see how well these ad removal programs work, especialy this one, I don’t think I’ll ever plan on advertising pay for anything.

    So, what to do… Well I have decided to reorganize the site so that everything will be under the directory “ads” and even create a subdomain called ads.chattersonline.com to load all images from. Then when one of these ad removal programs such as AdMuncher are being used it will effectively remove all graphics that are used to display my pages. The java chat will also be affected, more so for asthetics than function. When I’m finally able to consintrate on upgrading the hardware/software for my site I’ll have the new java chat software use graphics for the background to cover up HOT pink so if the graphics get blocked the person will have to endure the eye torture while chatting. What all this means is that if you have anything on my site book marked it will not be found at the old url. Don’t worry, the site will take you to the main page automaticly if a file is not found. I will also be sending out an email to that email list I never use because I don’t want to bother people with trivial stuff and let them know that they need to update their java chat code to reflect the new directory paths.

    All in all what a pain in the butt these programs are to webmasters that are creating things for free in hopes of having advertising pay for it so they can continue to offer things for free.

    Or, perhaps I should give this further thought on how to combat this problem. Perhaps placing advertising in popup windows that then will load the chat room after displaying… then if the advertising popup gets killed the chat room goes with it?… hehehe I don’t know… need to give this some thought…

    Well I’m done babling and will return you to our regularly scheduled program. Thank You.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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