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    I also thought I would be able to make some extra money being an affiliate of FreeDrive.com. They kept lowering their offer of how many megs they were allowing to store and I never did get any revenue from promoting their services. They finaly bit the dust and were bought by Xdrive.com (and these guys are drowning also, just not as water logged yet)

    This was the email I got a while back:

    I wanted to personally welcome you to our FreeDrive Affiliate Program. I’m e-mailing all our new Affiliates to see what their position is concerning our Co-Affiliate FreeDrive link. If you are either up and running, or having problems, please contact me with the status of your Co-Affiliate account.



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    I’m still here and they are sinking from site. (says a lot don’t you think?)

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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