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    With a small prod Beverley at http://www.askbeverley.com got me to finaly fix (I hope) that annoying error that would happen when someone creates a chat room and fails to read the “tips” about blank spaces in the room’s name. (they should be replaced with underscores _ ). I also fixed (hoping also) the problem with ‘ characters breaking the document.write function when the character is used in a room’s name.

    If your one that has applied the fix for the ‘ character by adding a back slash in your code just prior to the ‘ character you will probably have errors. Now that I am thinking of it I’ll fix that too. You wont have errors but you will probably see the \ character in your room’s title or room name.

    Ok I think I’m done rambling…. LoL

    Oh, also, you may have to refresh the page your room’s entrance is on to load the new javascript into cache.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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