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    Like all the other questioners, I’m new too. I teach high school computer classes and am going to use my room for my keyboarders to practice typing. I need to create a password so that only my students will be able to enter my room. I don’t understand how I can administrate my room now that I’ve created the code and added it to my page. I also wanted to add a background image and tried several different locations to store it but none of them showed up on the page. The image location currently is http://elcs.neric.org/faculty/Ms.Forttrell/Keyboarding/friendlylion.gif. My room’s name is Keyboarding. Also, how does the badwords thing work?

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    Hi natalya,

    Have a look in the “Chat Room FAQ” section under the post “how to get full control of my room” for more information on setting up and managing it.

    The background image display is no longer supported. A company in Australia threatened a law suit over their images being used on the background of one of their user’s home page “chat page” which was generated by my site. I had always wondered if something like this would happen and sure enough it did. Now I just don’t care to have to hear from any other companies about their graphics being used without permission so this feature is no longer supported. (and will not even be in the options here shortly)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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