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    I have a few q’s about the advanced chatroom..

    1. If i’m not there will the first person who enter get the operator status?!

    2. I want assign a bot for the times i’m not there.. it says that i didnt register the channel/room, if i want to register it says i need to fill in a password, but can people enter that channel/room then if they dont have the password?

    3. Can i change the blue greeting at the beginning? and if so, how??

    4. If i enter the chat and somebody is allready there..will i get the operator status coz its my room? does the systeem always see i’m the owner?!

    5. If people want thier nick password protected, can they do that themselves(without a @ or +)?

    well thats it

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    Most of the answers your looking for can be found in the “Chat Room FAQ” and “Epona Services” sections of the forums. I’ll try to nock a few off right now though:

    1. Yes if you don’t register the room on the chat server with services. (chanserv)

    2. Yes they can unless you make it so they cant.

    3. What blue greeting?

    4. Yes if your nickname and room are registered with services and you have identified for your nickname with nickserv.

    5. Yes they can do it themselves.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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