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    I hadnt used my chat in a few weeks when I or my mods try to sign in we dont get are @ anymore? did something change? Also when I do the nickserv identify it says in the room I am identified but the little box nick not registered but I was??? If you dont use your chat for a few weeks do you have to reregister it? Its like when I first got the chat, the first person in the room gets the@ I did register the room and myself but now nothing..


    hello there,

    Just to tell you that if you have not used your chat for over 21 days the nickname is subject to expiration (deleted)

    If is this case follow some instructions:-

    1. IDENTIFY with chanserv for to have founder status in your room.

    2. register your nickname again.

    3. Type in this command /ChanServ aop #ROOMNAME add NICKNAME

    This is the auto op command for the chanserv. re enter your room and you should have your @back, then you can proceed to add your ops again.

    Or you can just register with chanserv and use the op command. (as stated one message down.)


    Thanks thats what I did..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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