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    Syntax: /nickserv SET option parameters

    Sets various nickname options. option can be one of:

    DISPLAY Set the display of your group in Services

    PASSWORD Set your nickname password

    LANGUAGE Set the language Services will use when

    sending messages to you

    URL Associate a URL with your nickname

    EMAIL Associate an E-mail address with your nickname

    ICQ Associate an ICQ number with your nickname

    GREET Associate a greet message with your nickname

    KILL Turn protection on or off

    SECURE Turn nickname security on or off

    PRIVATE Prevent your nickname from appearing in a

    /msg NickServ LIST

    HIDE Hide certain pieces of nickname information

    MSG Change the communication method of Services

    In order to use this command, you must first identify

    with your password (/msg NickServ HELP IDENTIFY for more


    Type /msg NickServ HELP SET option for more information

    on a specific option.

    Services admins can also set the option NOEXPIRE, with

    which nicknames can be prevented from expiring.

    Additionally, Services admins can set options for any

    nickname without entering a password, using the format

    SET nickname option parameters.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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