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    Syntax: /nickserv RECOVER nickname password

    Allows you to recover your nickname if someone else has

    taken it; this does the same thing that NickServ does

    automatically if someone tries to use a kill-protected


    When you give this command, NickServ will bring a fake

    user online with the same nickname as the user you’re

    trying to recover your nick from. This causes the IRC

    servers to disconnect the other user. This fake user will

    will remain online for one minute to ensure that the other

    user does not immediately reconnect; after that minute, you

    can reclaim your nick. Alternatively, use the RELEASE

    command (/msg NickServ HELP RELEASE) to get the nick

    back sooner.

    In order to use the RECOVER command for a nick, your

    current address as shown in /WHOIS must be on that nick’s access list, you must be identified and in the group of

    that nick, or you must supply the correct password for

    the nickname.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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