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    Syntax: /nickserv LIST pattern (FORBIDDEN) (NOEXPIRE)

    Lists all registered nicknames which match the given

    pattern, in nick!user@host format. Nicks with the PRIVATE option set will only be displayed to Services admins. Nicks with the NOEXPIRE option set will have a ! prepended to the nickname for Services admins.

    If the FORBIDDEN or NOEXPIRE options are given, only nicks which, respectively, are FORBIDden or have the NOEXPIRE flag set will be displayed. If both options are given, both types of nicks will be displayed.

    These options are limited to Services admins.


    /nickserv LIST *[email protected]

    Lists all registered nicks owned by [email protected].

    /nickserv LIST *Bot*!*@*

    Lists all registered nicks with Bot in their

    names (case insensitive).

    /nickserv LIST * NOEXPIRE

    Lists all registered nicks which have been set to

    not expire.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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