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    Need help, but there is never anyone in HelpDesk? Well check out Misty and Q’s NEW office, #BackChat. (which by the way is still under modeling construction 😉 You are welcome any time to come on in and just sit or ask questions. You can even speak concerns or ideas. We will listen, and do the best we can to fix/get the ideas going.

    So, come in and visit us!!!

    Coming soon…….

    We will just have to see

    ~~~Misty~~~{@ Im the little one...and mysterious one

    Yes thjats right Thanks misty for informing them! Also just to let most know that the #HelpDesk Might not be around much longer so if you want chat help or site help you can either visit me and misty at #Backchat or use the Help Section of these boards, all in all we will do our very best to assist you! Also there are new features comming to the site and chat soon, dave will update you on that, but hope you enjoy your stay here at Chattersonline 🙂

    ------------------ Quaylon Chattersonline Services Administrator
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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