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    A lot of tough questions deserve answers. (:

    Why didn’t you wait until May 31st?

    I apologize for removing the DigiChat prior to May 31st, however it was always my understanding that May 31 st was to be the very last day. But if I had time to install the excellent ichat by ChattersonLine sooner, I would. This chat is named ChatPlayers

    Hope this change of time did not interfere with any plane, train reservations, labor, Bar Mitzvah plans.

    How do I find the new chat?

    You can find it on FrontPage under two spotlights-background blue- Java Chat.

    But how do I get in?

    Type in a nickname and I suggest a password. Click Chat Now. You will be teleported to a black screen with ChatPlayers in Title Bar. (You didnt crash) Next you will see the room greyed out. (Its ok- its supposed to be) The room opens indicating -O- in room. This is not so as you have not actually connected yet. Even when room opens, you need to wait until server recognizes you. He’s brilliant, but not lightning fast.

    How dare you?

    Just to hear you say that and more! lol Just time for a change and most chatting here feel the same. So rather than have my friends hopping chat to chat around the net, I decided to open a really swank place. And as always, the drinks are on me!

    But…but..whats different?

    No more icons, but we do have smilies. wav sounds, colored fonts – theres more, but right now I’m still trying to avoid the bot. lol Also, I believe you can download the program CheetaChat which should work nicely here.


    Scandinavia, WI

    This site is not based on the iChat (iChat.com)software now owned by Apple (Apple.com).

    I doubt cheetah chat would work. If it does it’s only temporary as I’m closing the doors to all but the java chat applet.

    That about sums things up

    Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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