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    I messed up my mlock. Now I want to reset it but while I am at it…

    How and where is the “normal” /mode command used

    What do: i k l m n p s and t do?

    Or rather…what do they stand for?


    Hey Saaby, I know a few of these off hand and i’m gonna try to get them right lol “k” mode means keyed! That means that you can set a key that users have to type in before they enter your room. I’m not sure how it works for i have not used it! Mode “m” means moderated! That means if you set the room to +m no one will be able to speak unless given Voice by the room operator/Moderator/Host! Mode “s” mean Secret! It just makes your room to be marked as secret! With all the changes and Updates Dave is working on i don’t think you will find a use for the “s” mode!! Mode “i” is for invite! It makes your room invite only, so no one will be able to come in unless you invite them in, Which will not be a good idea to use also, because the server is set to were you can only be in one channel, and doing that mode would only block users from your room! Mode “l” i believe is the Limit mode, were you can set a room limit to the room were only so many people can enter! Mode “P” is kinda like mode “s” it stands for private, and really wouldnt be of any use right now! Mode “n” means no external message, most channels are auto marked +n but if not its up to you! I hope that this has helped you! If you should need more please feel free to post again 🙂


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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