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    MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short

    messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at

    the time or not, or to channels(*). Both the sender’s

    nickname and the target nickname or channel must be

    registered in order to send a memo.

    MemoServ’s commands include:

    SEND Send a memo to a nick or channel

    CANCEL Cancel last memo you sent

    LIST List your memos

    READ Read a memo or memos

    DEL Delete a memo or memos

    SET Set options related to memos

    Type /msg MemoServ HELP command for help on any of the above commands.

    (*) By default, any user with at least level 10 access on a

    channel can read that channel’s memos. This can be

    changed with the ChanServ LEVELS command.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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