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    Syntax: /memoserv SET LIMIT (user | room) (limit | NONE) (HARD)

    Sets the maximum number of memos a user or room is

    allowed to have. Setting the limit to 0 prevents the user

    from receiving any memos; setting it to NONE allows the

    user to receive and keep as many memos as they want. If

    you do not give a nickname or room, your own limit is


    Adding HARD prevents the user from changing the limit. Not

    adding HARD has the opposite effect, allowing the user to

    change the limit (even if a previous limit was set with


    This use of the SET LIMIT command is limited to Services

    admins. Other users may only enter a limit for themselves

    or in a room on which they have such privileges, may not

    remove their limit, may not set a limit above 20, and may

    not set a hard limit.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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