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    Hi Dave,How come evertime I sign in using my passwrod I get a message asking me to type:msg chanserv identify..password I know if don’t fill this in I can’t use my administator features but this is a pain is there a way to by pass this? and If I set Mod/ops will they have to do the same thing when they sign in? I read the FAQ but I a m sure I have over looked this…




    Yes, in order for you to use your admin features, along with your Ops, you will need to IDENTIFY with chanserv. It is for security and you will get used to it soon. If you bypass it, you just can’t use your features. You will get used to it after a while. I promise!


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    I’m not sure which code you are using but if you use the advanced code with the login box that has the password option you will be logged in automaticly. You will have to provide the password each time though. I will be taking a different approach with my next big upgrade of the site and the chat rooms. At that time cookies will be used to store your password and nickname so you will be able to click the chat now button and go straight to chat unless your cookies had been overwritten or purged from your browser’s cache.

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    I used the basic code so I get the sign in box that has “guest” already written in it then I have to add my nick and password then do the identify after I am logged in, I guess like Misty says we will get use to it..

    I love cookies sotring, that sounds great…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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