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    According to emode.com my celebrity match is Jennifer Aniston! I just knew it. Hey Jen, dump that Brad guy (or send him to Alisha) and give me a call!


    Dave, your match is Jennifer Aniston!

    Who cares if she’s married to Brad Pitt? Jennifer Aniston is meant for you! This warm, happy-go-lucky California girl always looks good, and her goofy sense of humor makes her approachable, too. With her friendly ways and comfortable style, she’s got the appeal of a girl next door — or maybe an all-American sorority sister. Since you’re into attractive, fun-loving women who enjoy being pampered and taken care of, that makes her just your speed. Sure, she may have a little attitude, but she is a big star. Her spontaneous nature and sexy looks make up for occasional holier-than-thou posing. And that endearing vulnerability she occasionally lets the world see completely melts your heart. Enjoy — not just anyone scores this special “friend.”

    Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...
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