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    If you are banned on a room that you have access to with ChanServ you can type the following command:

    /chanserv unban #RoomName

    Replace RoomName with the name of the room your banned from but be sure to keep the # character in front of the name. ChanServ will remove all bans on the room that prevent you from entering.

    If ChanServ has a ban on someone else you can remove the banned masks. (IP address or host name) The following command will clear ALL bans on the specified room:

    /chanserv clear #RoomName bans

    Once again substitute RoomName for the room you wish to remove the bans for and be sure to place the # character in front of the room name.

    Note: If users are being banned automaticly you may wish to check your settings for the command SET RESTRICTED and make sure this setting is off or to better understand the command.

    /chanserv help set restricted

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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