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    Below you will find some commands to do what you need to have full control over your rooms. First, I’ll define a few variables you will need to replace with your own information.

    YourPassword = a password of your chosing.

    YourEmail = an email address you can be reached at.

    #RoomName = the name of your room. Don’t forget to place the # character in front of it.

    RoomDescription = short sentance describing your room.

    RegisteredNick = a nickname that has been registered using step 1 below.

    BotNick = a name of a bot listed with botserv.

    CustomGreet = a short sentance to be used as a greeting from a bot when you enter.

    Step 1. Register your Nickname.

    Use this command:

    /nickserv register YourPassword YourEmail

    Step 2. Register your room. You will need to have @’s to do this. If you are the first person to enter the room before it’s registered on the chat server you should be granted @’s status (room operator access).

    Use this command:

    /chanserv register #RoomName YourPassword RoomDescription

    Step 3. Add your members. They must have registered nicknames before you can add them to your room’s access list.

    To add an auto-op room operator use this command and level 5:

    /chanserv access #RoomName add RegisteredNick 5

    To add an auto-voice member use this command and level 3:

    /chanserv access #RoomName add RegisteredNick 3

    Step 4. Lock the room’s modes so it they may not be changed and turn the room’s secure moderator mode on. To do so type these commands:

    /chanserv set #RoomName mlock +nt-lki

    /chanserv set #RoomName secureops on

    Step 5 is Optional: Add a bot to your room. This bot is an extention of ChanServ and can be set to allow “in room” commands such as !op, !deop, !voice, !devoice, !kick, !kb and !seen:

    Type the following command for a list of bot names:

    /botserv botlist

    After chosing a bot’s name type the following commands:

    /botserv assign #RoomName BotNick

    /botserv set #RoomName fantasy on

    /botserv set #RoomName symbiosis on

    /botserv set #RoomName greet on


    The “in room” command will not work if using any of the available text color selections.

    Registered users with access in your room can have the bot “greet” them on entrance.

    To do so they need to type this command: /nickserv set greet CustomGreet

    The !seen command works for registered names only.

    The !kb command will make the bot kick and ban the specified user.

    If you do not supply a nickname with the “in room” commands the bot will perform the command on you. Be carefull. 🙂


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