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    Just something curious that came to mind…not that we’re there yet…but how many potential members can join one chat at a time? Is there a limit and if so, what is it?

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    At this time, I do not think there is a limit to how many people can be in your chatroom at once… There will be a limit when Dave upgrades the chatrooms, etc. Then there may be a fee for using them for so and so many people.

    More help please contact Admin, etc for further info.


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    LeaderViper’s been really up on things here.

    At this time there is no limit but there will be. I’m always running this through my mind and the latest outlook is:

    Free: 10 user limit, no banners.

    $15.00 per year: 20 user limit, no banners.

    $25.00 per year: 40 user limit, no banners.

    $35.00 per year: 70 user limit, no banners.

    $1.00 per user per year over 70 user limit.

    As usual this may change. I have a ton of other work that keeps me busy but am trying to get through it to get back to this and get things moving again. I just recently purchased some new (well it was used but new to me) equipment that I’ll be colocating a few hours from my home and this will allow me to get more indepth on what I can do and offer here.

    Stay tuned.

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    I think this is very expensive and nobody’s gonna give money out for this…

    Change it dave..

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    expensive? LOL i would pay a buck a year to have unlimited users in my chatroom!



    I think this is very expensive and nobody’s gonna give money out for this…

    Change it dave..

    I do not think that is expernsive at all. When you to register or even own your very own channel it is much more. Dave has put so much money into this place, his life savings and his life. It sure will take awhile to make back all of the money that he has used.

    He is lucky that he has a caring family who is ok with him putting all of this money into Chattersonline when he could be using it around the house to rebuilt and such.

    Be lucky about what he is offering and look around at other places and see those prices.

    Thank you Dave for great service and all of the hard work you put into here.

    $15 a year for 20 people is less then a dollor per person per year. Not bad at all. Also without any of those annoying popups and banners. Not bad at all.

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    im am really stuck i dont no how to talk to people


    I think free should be at least 20 users – there’s a HTML chat room called buzzchat.com that goes really slowly (well it used to be HTML anyway – they’ve updated it now) that almost always had 20 people in it – bare in mind it goes really slow so isn’t one of the most popular chat rooms. 10 people is hardly anything and will probably draw people away from the chat site.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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