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    Well I believe I finally have a site design I like. I have gone through about 6 different designs so far and haven’t been happy with any till now. Yes, I am a picky sob… lol

    Once I have the site updated I’ll be offering bannerless chat rooms starting at $10 dollars a year. I haven’t gotten around to modifying the chat servers but at some point I will be limiting rooms to one dollar per user per year. A $10 dollar room will only hold 10 users max. More capacity will be available for purchase in $5 dollar incriments per year.

    When I’m ready I’ll be sending out an email to everyone (should really make my host less than thrilled with me) letting them know that they need to create new chat code. The old code will continue to work for 30 days after the new code is available.

    All of my hosting accounts are coming due soon and I may or may not keep this place going based on how many users purchase a chat room subscription. If I recieve at least 10 signups I’ll probably keep things going for another year with hope that there will be more. For me to break even every year I’ll need 180 signups at $10 dollars each. (would be very sweet if this happens) If some how I manage to actually start making some sort of profit (now days I highly doubt this happening) I will start working on adding more features and that’s a promise.

    If you have any thoughts/questions in regards to this please post them in the general discussion board. Thanks.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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