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    I am really upset with someone in my chat room. All I see is “Global” and they are talking to someone named Mysty that we cannot see. It is driving me crazy! Can I do anything to ban them or find out who they are?



    Icestorm's Pond Nekkid Amazon Hockey

    Dear Ice Storm, That was me and misty trying out a new script of ours, We are very sorry to have bothered you and won’t let it happen again! Thanks for letting us know that it bothered you! Sorry again Quaylon

    ------------------ Quaylon Chattersonline Services Administrator

    Thanks for fessing up. I just don’t like people in the background when I’m trying to chat. There are some scary folks out there, and not knowing who is talking behind my back in front of my face really upsets me.

    Icestorm's Pond Nekkid Amazon Hockey
    Scandinavia, WI

    Ummmm we will have to have a talk about them scripts. As far as sending out global messages to everyone, if the chat server isn’t shutting down for maintenance or something of that nature there is no need for using global messaging.

    Misty and Quaylon are some long time friends that have been lending a hand with this place. I have given them server ops along with services operator status to better help others when I’m not around.

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    Hey now!!! I told you (Q) that the global was the messages everyone can see. Thats why I wasn’t answering you using global. *laughs and hides*

    Sorry Ice

    ~~~Misty~~~{@ Im the little one...and mysterious one
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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