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    How do I remove a half op/mioderator with the % next to their name, so they will not be partially op’d next time they enter the room? I ask because mine have been starting trouble, and kicking guests for either not sharing their views/opinions, or not liking them period.

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    Hope this helps:

    Syntax: HOP #RoomName ADD nick

    HOP #RoomName DEL {nick | entry-num | list}

    HOP #RoomName LIST [mask | list]

    HOP #RoomName CLEAR

    Maintains the HOP (HalfOP) list for a room. The HOP

    list gives users the right to be auto-halfopped on your


    The HOP ADD command adds the given nickname to the

    HOP list.

    The HOP DEL command removes the given nick from the

    HOP list. If a list of entry numbers is given, those

    entries are deleted. (See the example for LIST below.)

    The HOP LIST command displays the HOP list. If

    a wildcard mask is given, only those entries matching the

    mask are displayed. If a list of entry numbers is given,

    only those entries are shown; for example:

    HOP #RoomName LIST 2-5,7-9

    Lists HOP entries numbered 2 through 5 and

    7 through 9.

    The HOP CLEAR command clears all entries of the

    HOP list.

    The HOP ADD, HOP DEL and HOP LIST commands are

    limited to AOPs or above, while the HOP CLEAR command

    can only be used by the room founder.

    This command may have been disabled for your room, and

    in that case you need to use the access list. See

    /msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS for information about the access list,

    and /msg ChanServ HELP SET XOP to know how to toggle between

    the access list and xOP list systems.

    To remove them you would type /chanserv hop #YourRoomName del TheirNickName

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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