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    Hey, I was glancing around for good chat servers, and I loved this one…Except for those two things 🙁 I can’t stand having the tiny chat screen, and I love being able to copy and paste things from the screen, to show friends, to save, or whatever. I’m curious if there is anyway to change that?


    Tiny chat screen? The screen isn’t that small…

    To copy and paste sentences, you hightlight the words, then on your keyboard press control C. That will copy it. Then click where you want to paste it to and right click w/ your mouse. You should have a little menu that lets you paste. Press paste.

    That should do it.

    Still don’t get what you mean by tiny screen. It is normal size of most chat rooms.

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    Hmm..Maybe it’s just mine then on the C+P. I know how to, but for me at least, it doesn’t allow me to highlight anything, therefore making it a bit tough to do anything with it 🙂 And as for screensize…I use a larger resolution, so I’m spoiled there, heh. But most that I’ve found allow you to resize the window to your desires…Seemed odd this one’s pop-up didn’t.

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    This java applet does not allow copy/paste from the chat screen. If you have copied something elsewhere and want to paste it to the chat room you can place the cursor where you normaly type and press control-v to paste. As far as the size of the room goes I’ll try to offer 3 or 4 size choices in my next chat room code generating setup. I’m still working on making it all work with a database so I can offer the room on a paid service basis. At this time the applet does not support “on the fly” resizing. Sorry.

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    Yea I try to copy and past thing in the chat screen and it didn’t work for me either but I know why. Oh well i wait untill this changes if it dose.


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    Thanks,Matt F.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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