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    the second code is a link and code 1 is a box thin on your site and if the link one isnt working try taking from where the http://is and all the way to the word befor the ” and paste it in your web browser if it werks then it must be somethin with the code. Hope That’ll Help


    Answer to 1) Doesn’t load pop-ups? Hm… try going to “internet settings” under “tools” on Windows… Or try restarting your computer from scratch (Put your computer back to the beginning where nothing is loaded except the software the company installed) Most computers have cds to back up your computer stuff included with the computer.

    Answer to 2) The larger code is the “login” thing on your page. The smaller code (direct code) is a “link” that makes a pop up in order to log in with passwords.


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    Yo sup I’m new


    I am a new user how do I create my own chat room. Oh by the way hi. And my name is brigham


    I click on the link to my chat room and it goes to the nickname page, but it doesnt have a place to enter your nickname in, so now the chat room doesnt work. What do I do?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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