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    Syntax: SET channel XOP {ON | OFF}

    Enables or disables the XOP lists system for a channel.

    When XOP is set, you have to use the AOP/SOP/VOP

    commands in order to give channel privileges to

    users, else you have to use the ACCESS command.

    Technical Note: when you switch from access list to xOP

    lists system, your level definitions and user levels will be

    changed, so you won’t find the same values if you

    switch back to access system!

    You should also check that your users are in the good XOP

    list after the switch from access to XOP lists, because the

    guess is not always perfect… in fact, it is not recommended

    to use the XOP lists if you changed level definitions with

    the LEVELS command.

    Switching from XOP lists system to access list system

    causes no problem though.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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